Traditional Thai and Sports Massage Leicester

Traditional Thai Massage & Sports Massage is one of the most rejuvenating massages that energises the body, and at the same time, even relaxes it. The therapist stretches every part of your body, applies pressure on your muscles and loosen the joints. Sports massage Leicester is also referred to as ‘assisted yoga’ and ‘yoga for the lazy’.

If you are an athlete or lead a physically active life, then particular focus shall be given to the body areas related to your sport or pain areas. Combined with Thai massage, Sports massage reduces muscle pain and is used to prevent and treat injuries. The deep tissue massage used as part of this therapy is highly effective. The therapist applies deep pressure, using knuckles and elbows, onto the pain points of the muscles in your body. Book an Appointment for Traditional Thai Massage and Sports Massage Leicester.


  • Reduced pain on the trouble-points of the body
  • Increased body flexibility
  • Improved blood circulation and breaking down of scar tissue
  • Reduced anxiety levels.
  • Feel refreshed and energised


  • 60 mins £40
  • 90 minutes £60
  • 120 mins £80