Ear Candles

The Ear Candling treatment is used to provide relief to the ear, nose, throat and sinus regions of the body. The ear candles used are commonly referred to as Hopi Candles. These scented candles are in the form of a thin hollow tube formed of natural ingredients and are soaked in beeswax or paraffin.

During this treatment, you will be asked to lie down on your side, with your head placed on the pillow. A Hopi candle will be set inside the ear and lit. Our therapist will hold the candle steady with hands just above your ear. As the ear candle burns, you will feel a pleasant warm sensation around your ears and neck.

The flame of the candle creates a suction pressure known as “Chimney Effect”. Through this effect, the ear wax is loosened and is absorbed into the candle. Moreover, the movement of the flame causes the air within the candle to vibrate, thereby creating a massaging effect on the eardrum.


  • Soothing effect which contributes to reduced stress and anxiety
  • Revitalising effect
  • Improves blood flow to the neck and the head
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage to the head and the neck
  • Alleviates earaches
  • Improves hearing


  • 30 mins £20