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Most of us live a monotonous life filled with professional and personal responsibilities. Over the period, such a life takes a toll on our physical and mental health. We feel tired and devoid of energy. The unchecked rise in stress could also lead to an increase in anxiety, migraines and other chronic disorders. What if we tell you that just a vigorous Thai Massage Leicester therapy could do wonders for your physical and mental health?

The origin of Thai massage therapy dates back to thousands of years. With time, it has evolved and gained influence from several south-east countries. This ancient healing technique will revitalise and energise your body, rather than simply relax you. It not only unties the knots inside your body, but also relieve you from mental stress because of work or studies.

Thai deep tissues massage helps relieve stress and aids relaxation. It helps ease muscle tensions and stiffness, improves circulation of the blood, and softens and moisturises the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to aid removal of toxins in the body. This helps to improve your body’s overall blood circulation, so you may experience increased levels of energy, and mental health throughout the day. Thai Massage Therapy Centre provides extensive range of massage treatments like Hot Stone massage, Back massage and Neck massage in Leicester.

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Traditional Thai and Sports Massage Leicester

Full body 60 mins £40

Aromatherapy Massage Leicester (hot oil)

Full body 60 mins £40

Foot Massage (no wood stick)

60 mins £40

Body Scrub

45 mins £25

Facials 5 step

45 mins £25


Underarms £6

Meet our thai therapist

My name is Karn, and I am a Thai therapist.

I have been trained at The Wat Po Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand and Thai Traditional Medical Services Society, Klong Luang, Pathumthani. I have more than 16 years of experience in massage therapy. I utilise a range of bespoke methodologies to take care of and look after my clients.    
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